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How to Travel with Jewelry like a Pro

Traveling is fun! But mind it, not with jewelry. Often when it comes to traveling with jewelry, we are left in bewilderment. It is one of the most complex situations that every individual comes across. With everything appearing to be important, it is really difficult to sort out what to accompany and what not to. Although we can skip jewelry on our pleasure trips, the real trouble comes when we are traveling for some important functions like wedding, housewarming, engagement, or business event. Wearing jewelry to these functions cannot be missed by any chance.

Well, fret not guys! Here we come with some valuable tips on how to travel with jewelry like a pro.

Let’s get started….

What Jewelry to carry? 

Firstly, select the right pieces of jewelry that complement most of the outfits you are carrying. Plus, make sure your chosen jewelry fits your style as well.

Secondly, it is advisable to carry ornaments that are lightweight and convenient to carry along the travel.

Lastly, organize your jewelry such that the same types of pieces are grouped. For example, keep all rings together, bangles together, and so on. This will prevent jewelry from tangling with each other.

How to Pack your Jewelry?

Whether you are carrying jewellery for gifting or personal wear, packaging has to be well thought. Invest enough time in packaging as even a minute mistake may result in costly damage. As it is your expensive fine jewelry, make no mistake. Given below are few tips you can stick to while jewelry packing.

  • When traveling with jewelry, travel kits and pouches used for storing accessories come in handy.
  • Always accompany lightweight and minimalist jewelry on travel. Bulky pieces are difficult to pack and carry. Also, they are prone to more risk.
  • Ensure you pack gold and artificial jewelry separately for easy handling.
  • When going out for a wedding, then it is better to wear certain ornaments that are light as it is always safe when worn than carrying.
  • Avoid keeping your jewelry in baggage or suitcases that you are less likely to keep aside from you every time. Therefore, a handbag serves as a better alternative in this situation as your will be holding it all time.
  • Do not carry your ornaments in velvet jewelry boxes that you get at the time of purchase.
  • Rather look for other options such as plastic quart bag, jewelry roll bag, pill case, jewelry pouch, jewelry box.


So guys if you are a hardcore jewelry lover and could not stop yourself from flaunting your precious pieces at family gatherings, follow these tips for safe travel. Following the aforementioned tips will help you carry your jewelry hassle-free on a trip. The only thing is you need to be a bit extra cautious while packing and carrying. As the jewelry is what brings out your real charm so enjoy wearing them for a pinch of jazz. For some best travel-worthy lightweight jewelry, visit this page. 


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