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Access Airtel Payments Bank for a safe and secure banking experience

The world is rapidly adapting to the new online world. Be it ordering food or talking to your loved ones virtually, today almost everything can be done online. The banking sector has also made significant strides in the same sector. Most banks today offer customers the option to manage their bank accounts via mobile apps or web portals. Amidst, the concept of a digital savings account is new and sounds promising, thanks to its convenient features and unique benefits. 


Today, we will talk about one such digital savings bank that has caught the eye of many in the banking sector. We will discuss Airtel Payments Bank and its features in detail in this article.


Let’s get started! 


What is Airtel Payments Banks?

Airtel Payments Bank is a digital bank that offers financial services to its customers through its mobile application, website, and other channels. It is a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel Limited, one of India’s largest telecommunications companies.


Airtel Payments Bank provides a range of banking services such as savings accounts, current accounts, and remittance services. Customers can use the mobile app or website to open an account, deposit money, transfer funds, pay bills, and make purchases at merchant outlets that accept Airtel Payments Bank.


Additionally, it allows customers to make cash withdrawals and deposits at designated Airtel retail stores across India, making banking more accessible for people who may not have easy access to traditional banking services.


Features and benefits of Airtel Payments Banks

Following are a few unique features and benefits of the Airtel Payments Bank:

  • No minimum balance required 
  • Digitally accessible from anywhere anytime
  • Interest rates up to 2.5% annually (Up to 1 lakh) and 6% (above 1 lakh and 2 lakh)
  • Several physical banking points
  • Accident insurance cover of Rs. 2 Lakh free


How to access Airtel Payments Bank and its services?

You can access Airtel Payments Bank through several channels, including:

Mobile App: Airtel Payments Bank can be accessed via a mobile app named Airtel Thanks app, available for Android and iOS devices. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and register for an account using your mobile number. Tap on the wallet tab at the home page to get access to the Airtel Payments Bank page. Here, you can activate your digital wallet, open a digital savings account, explore financial services, and do much more. 

The Airtel Thanks app also has many Zee5 subscription plan offers. You can check them out in the Shop section of the app.


Website: You can also access Airtel Payments Bank services through its website. Simply visit and click on the “Open an Account” button to register for a new account.

USSD: If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still access Airtel Payments Bank using USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data). Dial *400# from your mobile phone and follow the instructions to register and access banking services.

Retail Stores: Airtel Payments Bank has partnerships with various retail stores across India, where you can deposit or withdraw cash from your account. Simply visit a designated Airtel retail store with your Airtel Payments Bank account number and valid ID proof to avail of these services.

Overall, Airtel Payments Bank aims to provide convenient, accessible, and affordable banking services to individuals and small businesses in India, particularly those in underserved areas. You can check out more details about the same from the Airtel Thanks app or the Airtel Bank website. 


The application for an account can be filled out online and verified via a video KYC. If you are unable to fill out your application online and use an Airtel broadband service, check the Airtel broadband data balance from the services tab on the home page.


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