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Baby Wellness Essentials for the First Year

As the parent of a brand-new baby, you’re likely thinking about how you can help your child stay as healthy as possible in the first few months of life. Even if you’ve already stocked up on some healthcare essentials like Wellements teething oil and Wellements gripe water, there are some additional planning steps for the first year that you might not have taken yet. Here are the wellness essentials you should have for your baby’s first year.

Keep Natural and Over-the-Counter Remedies in Your Medicine Cabinet

Even under the best of circumstances, it’s not uncommon for babies to get sick at some point during their first year of life. Whether your child has colic or just a cold, having a well-stocked medicine cabinet is key. Consider keeping both natural remedies like gripe water for newborns as well as some pediatrician-recommended over-the-counter remedies in your cabinet.

Assemble a Well-Stocked Diaper Bag With the Works

Every new parent quickly becomes aware that having a fully stocked diaper bag at all times is an absolute necessity. You may have the necessary items at home, but if you’re out in public with your baby and he or she suddenly needs a change, a thorough diaper bag can come in clutch. Some items to make sure you include in your diaper bag are:

  • Diapers, naturally, to be able to change your baby at a moment’s notice
  • Baby powder
  • Baby ointment or cream to help treat rashes
  • An extra change of clothes for your baby in case things get messy
  • A set of baby wipes, perfect for cleaning yourself or your baby during or after a diaper change
  • Carrying sacks to put away soiled diapers
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Clean towels or washcloths

Since you’ll be carrying your diaper bag around anyway, you may want to take advantage of a spare compartment to throw in a few extras. For instance, having sunscreen or a hat in the bag can be helpful for hot days or sunny climates. You may also want to pack a few snacks, toys and a blankie.

Get a High Chair and Other Eating Supplies

Finally, as your little one starts to get older, they’ll begin switching from liquids to solid foods – meaning you’ll need to stock up on eating supplies! One common item you’ll want to have in your kitchen is a secure and comfortable high chair that your child can sit up in as they begin to eat big-kid meals. You’ll also want sturdy utensils and plates, including ones made of plastic, which are less likely to break if the child accidentally drops them. On-the-go eating accessories like sippy cups are a must-have as well. Don’t forget that kids can be pretty messy eaters, so it’s also a good idea to invest in some easily washable bibs.

Baby’s first year is a deeply special time, but making sure you meet your child’s wellness needs during that time requires some extra planning. Fortunately, it’s not as much of a headache as it might sound! With these pieces in place, you can rest assured you’re doing everything possible for your baby to have a healthy first year of life!

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