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Benefits of PDF Conversions and Unlock Through PDFBear

Many people ask, “why is it important to convert our electronic files to the portable document format?” One of the most reasonable factors for these PDF conversions is that PDFs work comfortably with all operating systems. Whether your recipient uses an iOS, Windows, Android, or any other smartphone, most devices and systems can operate and view PDFs.

However, its primary goal is for more convenient document viewing and printing. It is not the best format for editing your document’s content. Fortunately, we now have online PDF converter tools that give you vast options for PDF content modification. PDFBear is a fast-operating online tool with excellent choices for PDF conversions.

Fast and Reliable PDF Converter

Since the modern corporate world requires people to work at a fast pace, PDFBear provides a fast and reliable PDF converter to surpass these common challenges! All you need is an updated operating system and a stable internet connection, and you’re good to go. We will also identify how to open locked PDFs through PDFBear’s PDF unlock function.

For you to have a faster and safer online electronic document distribution, it is best to convert your files to PDF. For example, your PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets are oversized for webmail transmission; you can convert them to PDF for a more compact file. Again, PDFs also work well with most computer systems, making it easier for both ends.

On the other hand, if you want to make a large amount of data alteration to your PDFs, you can also convert them the other way around. PDFBear can convert your files from PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PNG, JPG, and PDF/A. Once you finished converting your PDFs, you can start making significant alterations to your file’s content and save them back as PDFs.

Uploaded PDFs are Safe and Secure

Aside from being fast and reliable, PDF also provides the best security for your uploaded documents. They have an excellent and safe SSL connection that automatically replaces your previous transaction once finished. The data you upload will be permanently deleted from their system after a 60-minute interval. Fast, reliable, and safe.

Also, if you want to safeguard your PDFs, you can maximize PDFBear’s “Protect PDF” function. With their additional lock feature, you can protect your PDFs with the 256-bit encryption protocol to keep unwanted users off your files. Even if these sneaky users attempt to steal your data’s content, the hard lock will not give them a chance to view your confidential files.

Opening Locked PDFs

Another PDF advantage is obtaining more security with your electronic files. Like we’ve mentioned earlier, locking PDFs is doable with PDFBear. Unlocking them is not an easy task if you do not acquire the necessary tools. If your mobile phone is only programmed for PDF viewing, then you cannot open locked PDFs.

With PDFBear, you can access your confidential content with the “Unlock PDF” function. The steps to unlock your PDFs are pretty straightforward, ideal for starters and intermediate users. As long as you are the authorized personnel to open the file, decrypting PDFs is relatively easy. Follow this procedure to unlock your PDFs:

  1. On the PDFBear home page, click the “Unlock PDF” option.
  2. Locate your locked PDF and drag it to the PDFBear unlock PDF tool.
  3. After a few seconds, the uploading process will be finished. First, confirm that you are the authorized user, and then you can start to input the locked PDF’s password or passcode.
  4. Your locked PDFs will now be decrypted and will be ready for download. Another option is to copy the file URL for social media sharing.


Aside from the versatile PDF converter, safe and secure systems, and unlocking PDF benefits, PDFBear still has more to offer. On their home page, you can see all the tools you can maximize for you to handle your PDFs faster and effortless.

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