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How does Gambling Affect the Economy?

Gambling in can be a very complicated industry with a number of different actors with different interests often competing against one another to make a profit. We often think of the quintessential gambler as an underdog who places risky bets and potentially puts themselves in a position to win exorbitant amounts of money. But the other actors within that story such as the casinos and betting companies, the employees and the businesses owners also have various roles to play and, all together, can have both very positive and very negative effect on economies all around the world.

Positive impact on the economy 

One of the main positive impacts of gambling is, surprisingly enough, the employment opportunities. Casinos can often be sprawling, multi-floor complexes that require not only individuals who perform customer service or administrative duties, but also security, hospitality and technological maintenance services. In addition, the business may choose to expand on entertainment services provided to its highest paying customers and, with the rise of online gambling, require specialized staff on hand to assist with and maintain all IT related aspects involved in successfully running a website. As such, wherever a casino or betting chain sets up shop, it is likely many job opportunities are immediately created. 

The amount of money that gambling enterprises make and the often-strict licencing regulations they are placed under in many countries also have an effect on the amount of taxes they pay to the countries’ governments. As an example, the US states of Nevada and New Jersey generate gross revenue amounting to approximately $71.1 billion every year from taxes imposed on gambling businesses. In addition, China as a state, although incredibly strict about gambling practices still has one of the highest grossing gaming revenues globally. 

The two effects mentioned above can then go on to impact the third positive effect of gambling on the economy, namely economic growth. High tax revenue, keeping unemployment low and encouraging technological advancement so they can stay ahead of the game means that gross domestic product (GDP) for many countries that allow and encourage gambling is greatly increased. China and the US are amongst the best examples, but we can also consider the UK, Mexico and Uruguay on that list. 

Overall, these factors make it fairly clear why countries that grow and develop rapidly look to allow investors to set up various casinos and betting centres within their territories.

Negative impact on the economy 

For all the positive impacts, we should also briefly consider some of the negative ones. Most stem off the back of issues with gambling addictions. First and foremost, gamblers may face mental health issues which can also extend into issues with physical health. When gambling habits are not carefully controlled, they can have an extremely detrimental effect on a person’s psyche and general state. 

Additionally, gambling addictions can lead to bankruptcy or vey high levels of debt which can lead individuals into spirals of poverty. Even if the revenue generated by casinos themselves looks good for a country on paper, high levels of individual poverty in their population is not a good symptom. 

Finally, the obsession with winning and staying on top can lead people into crime thus increasing the overall crime rate for a country and negatively impacting both its economy and its image. 

Therefore, it is incredibly important for countries to carefully regulate not only what companies are allowed to offer gambling services but also to what extent. Good regulations often affect how gambling is marketed and well involved governments support the introduction and continued existence of gambling addition self-help services, where people who are suffering can get the help they need. 

Final Word

Overall, the gambling industry can have both many positive and plenty of negative effects on a country’s economy. Just like when gambling as an individual, it is important for countries and their governments to weigh up all options before making a decision on the best course of action, keeping moderation in mind at all times.

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