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JM-X2 Gel Ball Blaster Full Auto Splatter Ball Gun

The JM-X2 Gel Ball Blaster Full Auto Splatter Ball Gun is the latest and greatest way to have a great time with friends! Not only is it an exciting toy, but it’s also incredibly safe and easy to use. This blaster is perfect for all ages, as its user-friendly design allows for fast and easy reloading. The gun features a full auto mode that can fire off up to seven rounds per second.

JM-X2 Gel Ball Blaster

JM-X2 Gel Ball Blaster is a full auto splatter ball gun that offers an exciting way to play with friends and family. It has two shooting modes: semi-auto and full-auto. The semi-auto mode fires one shot at a time, while the full-auto mode can fire up to 10 shots per second. This blaster also features an adjustable hop-up system that allows you to fine-tune your shot accuracy. It is powered by a 7.4V LiPO battery, giving it enough power for up to 500 rounds of ammo per minute.

The JM-X2 blaster comes with two magazines – each magazine holds 100 rounds of 6mm gel balls for plenty of firing action! It’s easy to use, just fill the magazine with gel balls, attach it to the blaster, and you’re good to go! With its lightweight design and ergonomic grip handle, this blaster provides hours of fun without putting too much strain on your hands or arms. So get ready for some intense battles with your friends using the JM-X2 Gel Ball Blaster!

Features: Fully Automatic, Splatter Balls

The JM-X2 Gel Ball Blaster is a fully automatic splatter ball gun. It features an adjustable 6-position stock and comes with a magazine capacity of up to 800 gel balls. The gun’s motor is capable of shooting up to 150 feet per second, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, the gun features a metal gearbox, aluminum alloy body, and Nylon fiber construction for improved durability.

The JM-X2 also has an adjustable hop-up system that helps improve accuracy when shooting at long distances. Furthermore, the gun comes with flip-up sights and an integrated top rail which makes it easy to attach optics or other accessories. Lastly, this gel blaster also includes a 9V battery pack that will help power its motor during intense firefights. With all these features combined together into one powerful package, the JM-X2 Gel Ball Blaster is sure to provide hours of fun for those looking for a reliable full auto splatter ball gun!

Quality: Durable Design

Durable design is a key element to consider when selecting a gel ball blaster. The JM-X2 Gel Ball Blaster Full Auto Splatter Ball Gun has been designed with this in mind, ensuring its longevity and durability. The main body of the gun is made from high-grade ABS plastic, providing it with extra toughness and strength to withstand long hours of playtime. It also features an aluminum alloy gearbox for increased stability, allowing for smooth operation when shooting or reloading.

This material combination ensures that the gun will not break easily and can handle tough conditions during battle scenarios. Furthermore, the ergonomic design allows for comfortable use as well as improved accuracy for users of all sizes. With these features in place, you can be sure that your JM-X2 Gel Ball Blaster Full Auto Splatter Ball Gun will last you through countless rounds of games and skirmishes!

Uses: Outdoor Fun, Games

Outdoor fun and games are much more enjoyable with the JM-X2 Gel Ball Blaster Full Auto Splatter Ball Gun. This gun provides hours of entertainment for anyone who enjoys playing outdoors. The gun is designed to fire soft, non-toxic gel balls that can be used for various activities such as target practice, team battles or just plinking in the backyard. It is also a great way to teach children about safety when it comes to firearms, as well as provide a harmless yet still exciting activity for them to enjoy.

With its adjustable hop-up system and full auto capability, you can easily customize your shooting experience based on skill level and preference. Its sturdy construction ensures it will last a long time even after lots of use. Whether you’re playing alone or with friends, this gel ball blaster will add an extra layer of fun and excitement to your outdoor adventures!

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Pros & Cons: Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of the JM-X2 Gel Ball Blaster Full Auto Splatter Ball Gun include its comfort and durability. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use, allowing for hours of playtime without any strain on the body. The gun is also made from durable plastic that is resistant to wear and tear, resulting in a reliable product that can last for years with proper care. Furthermore, this blaster comes with an adjustable power setting so you can customize your shooting experience according to your skill level.

The disadvantage of the JM-X2 Gel Ball Blaster Full Auto Splatter Ball Gun is its limited range. While it has a decent capacity for firing gel balls, the distance it can shoot them is not as far as other types of guns in the same category. Additionally, while this gun offers excellent accuracy at close ranges, its precision decreases rapidly when shooting at farther distances due to air resistance against the gel balls fired by this blaster.

Performance: Range, Capacity

The range is an important factor to consider when choosing a gel ball blaster. The JM-X2 Gel Ball Blaster has a range of 30 meters and can shoot up to 200 rounds per minute. This means that it can be used for intense skirmishes in outdoor environments as well as indoor arenas. The range also allows users to hit targets at greater distances than other blasters, making it ideal for competitive scenarios.

Capacity is another key feature of the JM-X2 Gel Ball Blaster. It comes with an internal magazine capacity of around 500 rounds, allowing users to play without having to reload too often during battles. Additionally, the blaster can be easily loaded with additional magazines or even higher-capacity external hoppers for longer sessions and bigger battles. The capacity makes the JM-X2 one of the more reliable blasters available on the market today, especially considering its impressive rate of fire and long firing range.


In conclusion, the JM-X2 Gel Ball Blaster Full Auto Splatter Ball Gun is a great choice for those looking to have some fun with their friends. This gun is made of quality materials and has a realistic look and feel that will make it stand out among other toy guns. It shoots gel balls accurately up to 30 feet with its increased power and rate of fire.

The gun comes with an adjustable stock and magazine so you can customize it to fit the way you want to play. Whether you’re using it in target practice or playing games with your friends, this blaster provides hours of entertainment. With its ease of use and no mess cleanup, this full-auto splatter ball gun is sure to be a hit for anyone who loves outdoor activities.

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