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Three Ways Paid News Negatively Impacts Us

News is supposed to be a blessing for this world. It possesses a power that no army or government can ever achieve. This is the reason why powerful people have taken control of most news platforms, and they spread only news that benefits them. This might not sound like a big deal, but it’s one of the worst things that could have happened to human beings. Here’s how:

Hides the Reality

When we keep reading fake news, we are distracted from reality. We don’t learn anything about what is happening in the world. The real purpose of news is to keep us informed, but fake news does the exact opposite. It keeps us in the dark so we don’t learn anything and revolt against evil. 

Makes Us Believe Lies

People follow and believe the news. We give them our trust to guide us about things where we don’t have any reach. However, fake news makes us believe things are not true. You will see many news channels giving different opinions depending on who controls them. This is why we need people like John Doe who has created a platform where people share their own stories and news without any influence. 

Spread Hatred for Real Heroes

There are heroes in this world, even if they don’t wear a cap. There are definitely villains who never show themselves and operate from the dark. News forms and changes our opinion, and these people use it to build a bad portrait of the very people trying to save us. 

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