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3 Predictions For The Sports Betting Market In 2022

The sports betting industry is stronger than ever. Ever since the invention of sports, wagering on sporting activities has been one of the most attractive features of said disciplines and as time has gone by, the idea of betting money on sporting action has grown from being a simple hobby to becoming one of the most important and lucrative sports entertainment industries around. If you look around online, nowadays there are a plethora of sports betting picks platforms from all parts of the world, offering sports fans the option of wagering on their favorite events throughout the year with as many commodities and facilities as possible. 

With 2021 being a year in which the online sports betting industry once again saw significant tides of growth and proliferation, even while the world is still battling with the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022 is already being seen as yet another year in which this industry will continue to grow substantially, both in fan reach and revenue grossing. So with this said, let’s take a look at three predictions of what the sports betting market could be gearing up for in 2022.

Legalization In The US Will Make The Industry Grow Immensely

While we can sit and talk about how it has taken the USA so long to finally see the light in regards to the legalization of sports betting activities, both physical and online, let’s not and focus on what’s to come once the legalization of said activities is finally a reality in 2022. While the movement for legalizing sports betting endeavors has been one that has continuously been making the rounds around different state legislation institutions, it looks like 2022 will finally be the year in which the majority of states in the US will finally see the green light for accepting and promoting sports betting activities.

At the end of the day, it’s only fair and logical for the United States to continue moving forward with said movement, especially if you take into account that a big part of the sports betting fandom market is located within the country and some of the most important sporting leagues in the world for sports betting purposes are also located within the US. The proper legalization of sports betting activities, will help not only the local but national economy as well find a new niche from which to grow substantially, especially from tax revenue collection purposes. Also, a very important amount of new job options will continue to open up, allowing each state and the country to have a new way to battle the tides of unemployment rates that have been severely increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Esports Betting Will Take Over Other Sports In Popularity

When the Covid-19 pandemic came upon the world most of the sports-related events, activities, leagues, and other ventures had to stop, wait and then start their way back towards normality, making sports fans and above all sports betting fans stay in a state of limbo where uncertainty reigned above everything else. But, even in the darkest of times, a light of hope stood up and gave sports betting fans something to get their wagering fix with, Esports events. Esports, or professional, competitive video gaming has been slowly but surely growing more and more when it comes to popularity levels as well as revenue grossing levels worldwide, with their events, leagues, athletes, and industry already being more popular in mainstream society that some of the more consolidated sporting disciplines around.

The sports betting industry of course has taken a serious interest in said activities and has made it a point to propel Esports betting options for wagering fans as some of the most popular betting activities around. Nowadays and especially in 2022, where some of the most important Esports tournaments are bound to come back, with prize money purses being over the million-dollar marks, the sports betting industry is gearing up to see how the Esports betting niche will continue to take over in the popularity lists of preferred sporting options to bet on, leaving other mainstream options like hockey, car racing and even baseball to the side.

Cryptos and Sports Betting

If you know anything about tech, business, and how the world is functioning right now, then you have probably or most definitely heard about cryptocurrencies. Well, the sports betting industry has heard about them as well and has taken massive leaps towards allowing their fans to wager using their preferred crypto as their currency option. Given the high levels of popularity that cryptos have amassed ever since their debut in 2013, all of the most important sports betting platforms around have started making bigger and stronger efforts to adjust their services for crypto users.

Given how safe and secure the usage of cryptos are, especially when dealing with online transactions, the acceptance of crypto betting has been all sorts of positive, showing that in 2022, this trend will most likely continue to grow and will surely become one of the most important economic factors within the sports betting industry for the foreseeable future.

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