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Five Reasons NFL Odds Move

Once the calendar flips to September, much of the betting focus shifts to wagering on the National Football League. Not only is this the focus of sports bettors, but sportsbooks and oddsmakers also pay close attention to each game.

If you play close attention to NFL odds, then you might notice that these odds change periodically. This isn’t just done randomly and there are actually five specific reasons that this phenomenon takes place. 

If you see the NFL odds move then you need to do some research to determine why this has taken place. Here are five things to consider and look at to help you understand this movement. 


The biggest reason that odds move at BetUS is because of injuries. The NFL is a violent sport, and it is one that typically leads to a large number of injuries. 

Fortunately, the NFL has very strict rules in place for teams that have injured players. There are very specific injury designations for hurt players, and those lists have to be made available to the public. 

An injury to a star player can have a really big impact on an NFL game, and it will definitely affect the lines that you are seeing. 


This reason didn’t even exist two seasons ago, but it is definitely a major factor in all sporting events today. The league has very strict NFL protocols in place, and it can force players to miss time if they either test positive, or are a close contact.

Unlike with injuries, COVID-19 cases can pop up anytime, and there might not be time for the odds to change on a particular game. You should keep a close eye on the NFL headlines leading up to a game to see if there are any COVID-19 issues for any teams. 


A number of NFL teams now play indoors, but there are still some games that are played in the elements. Because football games can be played outdoors, the weather can affect how the games are played at times. 

Weather is always a tough thing to predict, but it becomes a bit easier the closer to gametime it gets. If you have noticed a sudden change in the odds right before a game, it would be a good idea to see what the weather report says. 

Not only can the weather affect the spread, but it can have a big impact on the over/under odds as well. 


Owners and GMs in the NFL aren’t always very patient, and the league has been known to fire head coaches in the middle of the season. These firings are usually done at the conclusion of one game, but they can also happen throughout the week.

The firing of an NFL coach can have an impact on an NFL game, and it’s something else you need to keep an eye on when looking at odds. Sometimes this can help a team re-focus, while other times it will cause a team to head in the wrong direction. 

Betting Action

If you see NFL odds move BetUS and you haven’t noticed any of the first four factors then you can assume they have moved based on betting action. Sportsbooks keep a close eye on how many bets are coming in, and on which team the bettors are favoring. 

The goal for any betting odds is to attract wagers, and that is why oddsmakers will sometimes adjust the betting lines. If too many bets are coming in on one side, the odds will slightly move so that more people target that bet as well. 

You won’t usually see a big change in the odds when this happens, but it will still be noticeable. 

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