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GM Diet Plan

A GM diet plan is followed by many who look to lose weight quickly within a week. The seven day diet plan was crafted by the General Motors Corporation to improve the health of its employees and their family and increase the productivity of the workforce as a whole as a whole. Before going on the GM diet, make sure to get an online consultation and consult a doctor online accordingly.

The 7 day GM Diet Plan

If a doctor prescribes the GM diet plan to you, remember that it takes an immense amount of dedication to adhere to the strict rules and restrictions. However, once you complete the GM diet, you will develop healthy eating habits.

The first day

On day 1 of the GM diet, you are allowed to eat only fruits. You can begin your day with a bowl of berries or an apple. In between breakfast and lunch, you can consume a healthy snack that can comprise an orange or a cantaloupe. Your next meal, lunch should include only a bowl of watermelon. Your second snack of the day will be an orange. For dinner you can consume a bowl of kiwis. Finally, your last snack of the day will be a bowl of mixed berries.

The second day

You are allowed only vegetables on the second day of your GM diet. For breakfast, you can eat a sweet potato or a baked potato. Your snack between breakfast and lunch can be a bowl of cabbage. For lunch, it is recommended that you have a mixed salad bowl that includes tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and carrots. Your snack between lunch and dinner should be a bowl of raw or steamed broccoli. For dinner, you can have a bowl or kale or arugula with a serving of asparagus. For your final snack of the day, you should have a bowl of cucumbers.

The third day

On this day, you can eat a mix of fruits and vegetables. You can have an apple or a bowl of watermelon as the first meal of your day. After that, for a snack, you can have a bowl of cherry tomatoes. For lunch, you can eat a bowl of mixed salad followed by a bowl of sliced cucumbers for snacks. For dinner, you can have kale salad with carrots and cucumbers and a bowl of strawberries on the side. Your final snack for the day should be an apple.

The fourth day

On the fourth day, you are allowed servings of bananas and milk. Two bananas and a glass of milk are recommended for breakfast on this day. A snack that follows breakfast should be a banana smoothie with skimmed milk. For lunch, you can have a bowl of GM Wonder Soup. Your snack between lunch and dinner should be a banana with skimmed milk. Finally for dinner, have a bowl of the GM Wonder Soup.

The fifth day

On the fifth day, make sure you have enough meat at home. For breakfast have a serving of 5-6oz of meat and two tomatoes. The number of tomatoes remains same for lunch and dinner but the serving of meat will vary. 7-8oz for lunch and 5-6oz for dinner.

The sixth day

Today you can have a mix of meat and vegetables. For breakfast, you can have a serving of 5-6oz of meat along with a bowl of vegetables. For lunch, 7-8oz meat with a bowl of vegetables as for dinner, 5-6oz meat along with Wonder Soup.

The seventh day

The final day of the GM diet plan allows you to have fruits, vegetables and rice. An orange or a bowl of watermelon with a bowl of brown rice can be eaten for breakfast. For lunch, you can consume a glass of fresh fruit juice without sugar and a bowl of brown rice. Finally for dinner, you can have a bowl of raw or cooked vegetables with a bowl of brown rice.

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