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How Chatbots Help Increase Email Marketing and Automation

Chatbots have become the most recent sensation to help companies develop proper marketing strategies, research, and enhance user experience. Due to vast improvements in technology surrounding chatbots, chatbot users are exchanging information with bots at a substantial rate, allowing bot developers to refine their processes.

Since chatbots are designed to simulate real conversations with humans, they also have the power of understanding these interactions on a deeper level and make insights based on these conversations. In addition, automated conversations have become the latest trend for businesses to be able to operate 24/7 through predictive script messages from chatbot conversations and give room for improvement in the customer experience end. 

We all know that AI automation and chatbots will continue to play a big role in business and in every part of our lives. As more marketing teams are adopting these technologies, we only expect to see increasing benefits for personalizing brand messaging, performing outreach, and delivering support to prospects and customers.

Here are 3 scenarios in which you can use chatbots and email marketing in tandem to increase your customer experience for your business. 

  • Lead Generation

Being able to engage customers instantly increases the number of leads and conversion rates. Typically, companies rely on venues like traditional landing pages for lead generation, where it can become too salesy and lacks customized messages according to the customers.  

On the other side, chatbots are always on to engage with customers and answer all their business and product related questions. By leveraging these capabilities, you can train your chatbot to ask specific questions to customers and based on their responses, they can be directed to the right team or page to further nurture their experience. Finally, all these customer databases can be utilized for further email testing campaigns and create more leads for the future. Being able to engage customers instantly increases the number of leads and conversion rates.

  • Data Collection

Bots can also serve a double purpose when it comes to collecting data from conversations with customers. There are many tools that help you analyze chatbot functions and conversations so that you can improve the customer experience and draw well-informed conclusions about your marketing efforts 

Some important key tactics to improve your chatbot conversations start from looking through chatbot logs and identifying keywords and phrases that clients actually use to incorporate on your email drafts and templates. This way, both your chatbot and your email campaign will have an equal and consistent tone, making it more relatable. All of this information can help you inform your next year’s marketing strategy and beyond!

  • Customer Involvement 

Some companies are also beginning to use chatbots for their social media platforms. This allows them to offer responses at a fast rate and keep a log of their information for future efforts. For example, a company might set up a Facebook Messenger bot that offers quick replies directly to customers who comment on a Facebook post. A customer who asks a particular question or mentions a specific product might receive a swift automated response or an email follow up about additional sales deals. To accomplish this kind of immediate and intimate connection with the customer, you can blend the services of a good chatbot with your email marketing automation software.

Chatbots present an excellent opportunity of opening up a new channel with customers to increase conversions and develop better relationships. Using them in conjunction with the rest of your marketing stack will ensure that you keep your customers satisfied and improve the overall performance of your marketing campaigns.

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